01 June 2015


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A year has gone by since my last blogpost...

I wasn't happy with what I was doing anymore and heading to with the blog. I really wanted it to become more personal and more about me. But then the big question arose: what did I want to tell my readers about me? As sharing everything about my life seemed a pretty radical decision, - and not only very time consuming-, I also wanted to incorporate my family life with respect to their privacy. I know a lot of moms share pictures and stories about their children on facebook or instagram, and honestly it can be very funny and recognizable to read, I somewhere felt and still feel a little hesitant as he is still so very young and I would rather let my child choose for himself whether he wants some pictures to be shared or not. I guess I just need to try and see how it will work out and learn along the way. 
Furthermore I also noticed that my focus had really shifted to mainly fashion, something I really love but in a way also personally find a little superficial. It is a part of me and certainly a way on how I express myself, but there is more of me. For example I am quite sporty. Ever since I was little girl I was really into sports starting with runs with my dad, to playing tennis at competition level, to fitness, running, snowboarding and surfing now. Even though it takes a lot more organization with a little one, I still love doing these things. I hope to share more about that side of me as well in the near future. 
And finally, as my first year in the GP training wasn't tough enough, the second year didn't get any better resulting in a very turbulent start of my third year, leaving me with less time for blogging. But more about this in a later post. 

So I guess it's time turn the page and re-start the blog, step by step and little by little with new insights and new inspirations. I will try to post once or every once in a week. It may not seem much but hopefully you will like the content beter. The first upcoming post will be about a challenge I signed myself in to. It is going to be intense for sure, but I am pretty excited as well. Any further suggestions about the topics you wish to read about are more than welcome. My outfit posts will be coming back...just not as frequent as they used to be ;).

Thank you for reading and hopefully see you soon again,

x Diah

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25 May 2014


Photos taken by my husband

Rayban Clubmaster (vintage) | Vintage jacket customised by 'Flor de Vida'Roxy dress (old) | Converse sneakers | Bonbon boutique bracelet (right) | Nadine Calor bracelets (left) | by1Oak necklace

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. These shots were taken on one of those sunny days last week. I got this jacket during the Las Dalias Flea market a few weeks ago and never thought it to be this versatile. It can be worn with a simple tee and heels to work and when wandering through the streets of Amsterdam with a summer dress and sneakers like I did here. A good investment piece I say!

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14 May 2014


Photo taken by me

Versatile, classic, comfortable yet feminine. Important keywords when it comes to my sneakers. And a necessity with my little boy. I have been noticing the amount of my white sneakers growing slowly and to be honest...I think I am not quite done yet. The fresh white -soon to be black and grey I suppose- color definitely gives me that instant let's-go-to-the-beach feeling, and who doesn't love that?

What do you think about white sneakers?

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