20 April 2014


Photo taken by my husband

Zara blouse (now in store) | Roxy shorts | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers 

Bare legs and double denim. I am predicting a wonderful spring!

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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15 April 2014


Photo taken by me

Alexander Wang Kyla sandals

What a coincidence I got my very first pair the same week Alexander Wang himself sneakily revealed a short video on Instagram about his upcoming collaboration with H&M. 

After last year's collaboration I bet this time it's even going to be more interesting to see how he is going to translate his signature style into a high street line.  

Any pieces you want look forward to? I wouldn't mind a good basic T and maybe some accessories or two...or three. Better start saving and mark the date: November 6th it will be!

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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13 April 2014


Photo taken by me

1. children's laughter.
2. the smell of fresh baked bread.
3. the sound of the ocean.
4. the feeling of sand between my toes.
5. salt in my hair.
6. one of the purring cats on my lap.
7. morning dew.
8. making the first steps in fresh snow. 
9. finding a little note in my lunchpack from my husband wishing me a lovely day.
10. spontaneous dancing on the streets when my favorite song is playing.
11. Starbucks (no pun intended) caramel Frappuccino with extra caramel on top.
12. red cheeks after my run.
13. a genuine smile from a random stranger passing by on the street.
14. a bath filled with bubbles.
15. flowers in full bloom.
16. watching stars (and only being able to describe Orion and Ursa Major).
17. home-made chocolate cake, made by myself ofcourse ;).
18. the fresh and cool air in the mountains in early morning .
19. a loving hug from my two men.
20. the smell of freshly washed laundry.
21. putting up post-it's around the house for my husband to find them when he gets home late from work wishing him a good night (yeah, I too sometimes can get a bit mushy). 

Off to a new week!

04 April 2014


Photos: Tumblr, Pinterest 

What to do when having the flu? It's been almost a week since I caught the flu/bellyache. And what better way to keep a positive spirit than already daydreaming about sunny days at the beach, watching the ocean and enjoying copious and long Greek meals with my two men. Even though I still have to wait for two months, I am already getting ready: I will resume my bikini body challenge as soon as I feel better and I already did some online shopping (oh oh did I say shopping?) in the bikini department. But more on that later. For now let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Any exciting plans for the weekend? 

Ps. for more 'Summer' inspiration head over to my Tumblr or Pinterest pages. 

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03 April 2014


Photos taken by my husband last month

Bodaskins leather jacket | Acne scarf | Armor Lux marinière |
Mango leather pants | Nike Vortex sneakers | Von Zipper  sunnies

Being a jeans kinda girl at heart, I am pretty sure sometimes things look better in leather. I already loved my new jacket, but when I finally found the perfect leather pants, it was without doubt a sure thing. So why not style all this goodness together? In this case I went for a sporty look with a classic stripe marinière, but I could easily pair it with a white blouse and heels. Oh the endless possibilities...

 Bisous, x

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